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Brick's Landscape / Landscaping

Landscape installation is a tricky goal to meet. Are there expectations already in mind? Or are you looking to set your property apart from your neighbors that have all fallen into the trend of common planting practices?

During a consultation, goals, and needs of your plantings shall be discussed whether it’s a new installation, and/or a renovation. Plant choice and placement is key to the success of foliage for your property. Making sure proper conditions are plentiful, to ensure your investments are secure.

Bricks Landscape Inc. provides many key services:

  • Professional plant handling. Brick’s Landscape Inc, we are proud of our plant materials and our installers. Our planting foremen are all horticulturists, and they work closely with your designer to assure that your plants are handled properly and installed according to industry standards.
  • Top quality trees and shrubs suited to the Northeast Region. Our designers visit northeastern growing nurseries, to select the quality trees and shrubs that they would want in their own landscapes.
  • All plant materials installed and properly maintained are installed with a 1-year plant health guarantee.

Landscape maintenance programs customized to fit your exact needs.

  • Cleaning and weeding flower beds
  • Light pruning of shrubs and ornamental trees
  • Edge trimming
  • General clean-up
  • Mulching, stone mulch, weed barriers
  • Overhaul, and/or renovation services