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Brick's Landscape / Lakeshore
Lakeshore & Shoreline Services

Exclusive Material Mining • Professional Service Contracting

Mother nature is harsh on shorelines. With rising waterlines becoming the new standard, one good storm can do more damage than a decade of erosion.

Protect your investment, maintain your property and build a shoreline that will be with you for years. Bricks Landscape is one of the few companies in the area that holds it’s own MSHA Certifications, allowing us to safely excavate, deliver, design and work on your shoreline project. Help us protect your investment with an engineered break-wall, custom water entry options and personalized shoreline protection designs

Breakwall Construction

Building break walls to prevent high waters from eroding your yard or foundation is smart planning.

Flood Water Planning

Planning for high water conditions can save you thousands in recover costs.

Material Sourcing

We are able to source, transport and plan the placement of the heavy boulders needed to keep mother nature in check.