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A quality landscape begins with good design. Our professional team of designers has decades of combined experience in design and installation. This imaginative, creative group has provided our customers with distinctive, yet functional landscapes that address their needs and wishes. We have the ability to enhance your landscape with unique accents like custom designed paths, walls, patios, decks, lighting, and water elements. Although plants are important to our out door living, they are just one element to landscaping. Another is known as hardscaping. Hardscaping has to do with all non-plant design elements of a yard. For example, all paved walkways, retaining walls, patios, and rocks create your lawn’s landscape. Hardscaping serves as the foundation and anchor of landscaping plans. You should plan your hardscaping carefully and implement it before starting your softscape.

Outdoor Living Here at Bricks Landscape we use low voltage lighting systems to conclude the final stage of an outdoor living area. Low voltage systems generally operate at 12 volts, which is equivalent to a car battery. One of the major advantages of these systems is that they are essentially much safer. In the occurrence of a short circuit or broken line, there is no hazard of electrocution. That makes these systems perfect for underwater or near water applications, as well as outdoor garden areas. There is a wide assortment of fixtures available for path lights, ground well lights, tree-mounted lights, and wall-mounted sources. Lighting effects are striking, from dramatic washes accenting home architectural features to underwater lights illuminating waterfalls to ground-mounted spots castings a reflected glow off the tree canopy. Another plus is that it can save money. Because the system is low voltage, operating power usage is much less, and typical system is less costly to operate. Also with a photo sensor, lighting can be set to operate routinely at dusk and remain on all night or any segment of the night.