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Bricks Landscape specializes in decorative concrete paver design and installation including both stamped concrete and pavers for patios, pool decks and driveways. We are committed to providing the most reliable services to our customers and have completed hundreds of jobs using our proprietary installation methods.

Why use Pavers in Upstate New York?

While pavers can be found around the country, there are some advantages to using pavers over using concrete, because of our climate here in the northeast.

  1. Unlike poured concrete or asphalt, paver can move independently. When ice heaves a driveway or concrete patio, it cracks. When ice heaves a paving stone driveway it heaves until the temperature goes down and returns to normal.
  2. Repairs are simple. Instead of tearing off an entire driveway to fix something like you can remove the affected pavers, fix the problem, and put them back.
  3. Pavers can survive freezing ­conditions without splitting or crumbling. They are not just concrete but mixture that holds up to industry standards for minimal water absorbency.