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Each pool we get to design becomes an individual reflection of paradise. When we can take a look at a customers space, listen to their needs, we really can customize the entire yard and pool to match the family and space.

There is a distinct advantage to having Bricks lead the design of your pool because it’s not just a pool, it’s an experience. Getting to the pool, the view from the pool, the escape that the pool experience provides and everything around it goes so much further than a hole with water in it.

It takes a team to build the right pool, which is why we work with some of the best in Rochester to make it happen. We are proud to showcase some of the work we have done below with Precision Pool & Spa. Together, let us show you how to not just design a pool, but to build a destination.


Outdoor heated spas are the perfect compliment to any backyard especially in Rochester.  Whether you are making an inground pool and spa combination or just making that private escape area, we can show you how it’s done.

Heated Pools Rochester

Rochester and upstate don’t have to have such a short pool season, ask us how we can extend the life of your summer with innovative heated pool solutions that will keep you swimming and relaxing longer.