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Suburban Adirondack Escape

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Suburban Adirondack Escape

The Project

Transform our backyard to a place where we can live outside and grow with our children. We want to be able to enjoy meals by the pool, hang out in the cooler months by a fire and create an escape for the entire family.


Custom Grilling Kitchen and Bar
Natural Living Stone
Hidden Backyard Audio
Integrated Walkway Lighting
Natural Stone Retaining Wall
Outdoor Gas Firepit
Patio Pool Drainage
Low Maintenance Landscaping

Design Details

The outdoor kitchen is the ultimate island for cooking and entertainment. With a grill surrounded by granite the island holds its own fridge, under counter lighting, and outlet to charge your mobile devices. Designed with reclaimed barn wood, the island offers barstool seating and even a recessed storage area for the grill utensils.

The fire pit is a unique one. Built into the hill and recessed by stone, the patio surround area was built deep to fit the Adirondack chairs. With a flick of the hidden gas valve the pit comes to life and can be controlled to warm the surrounding area or toast marshmallows. The gas fueled tiki torches have integrated lighting to create the perfect gathering spot, any time day or night.

With pathway lighting throughout the area and a high visibility patio border design, the backyard is safe navigation for all ages.

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