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Going Homeless for a Night

Shawn Cannan
Bricks Landscape


press release

Rochester, NY October 19, 2018

Local business owners will be spending a night under the stars with Rochester’s homeless to help raise awareness and connect with the needs of those who live on the streets.

Michael Tandoi and Shawn Cannan have teamed up with James Murphy to bring some relief to those on the streets by spending a night on the streets themselves. The group will be spending the night in the homeless encampment setup off of Industrial St in Rochester, the night of Friday October 19th, 2018.

Michael Tandoi owns Tandoi Asphalt & Sealcoating and Shawn Cannan owns Bricks Landscape. With the help of James Murphy, a Catholic worker a St. Joe’s, these business owners started by donating tents and supplies to the local homeless population, realizing there was more they could do.

When asked why they were putting themselves out in the cold, Shawn Cannan of said this.

“By spending a night on the street we hope to raise some awareness in the area and provide some encouragement for those who need it. We think that sharing great food and conversation is a great place to start.”

Food for the night has been donated by Gary Brockler of Papa G’S Catering. The group is encouraging others to stop out with donations and goods between 6-8pm Friday night to 113 Industrial St, Rochester NY.

If you would like to get involved with this effort or possible future events, please contact Michael Tandoi at 585-353-9377.


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