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Tips to Avoid Snow Slipping Injuries

1. Have a Snow Response Plan

Create a plan to clear snow. Consider timing, crew size, snow pile locations, completion speed, and communications to make an effective plan.

2. Train the Crew

Ensure the crews completing the work understand the plan and can use the equipment and de-icing material efficiently.

3. Choose De-Icing Material

Not all de-icing material react the same and conditions change based on altitude, temperature and ground surfaces. Make sure you have the right material to cover the right range of what you are clearing and a backup plan for if the temperature gets colder.

4.Promote Awareness

Sidewalk signs and safety notices can go a long way. Advocating for proper footwear and careful actions are crucial to preventing slip and falls.

5. Monitor conditions

Local news is not reliable. Access to premium weather services aid in storm preparation.

6. Be Proactive

Reacting to snowfall is not the same as getting ahead of it. Pre-treat lots and walkways before snow events to prevent the bond of snow and ice to pavement.

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